Set of two necklaces - 14k Goldfilled Floating Heart Necklace and Birthstone/Gemstone Bar Necklace

$ 65.00

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This 14k gold-filled dainty floating heart necklace and gemstone bar necklace are perfect companions!  I have all the birthstones for the bar, just let me know what months you would like.  These necklaces can be ordered in any length, I generally make them 1 to 1.5" different lengths.  The ones in the picture are 15" and 16". The 14k gold filled chains comes with a spring clasp. If you would like a custom length, please specify in checkout comments what length you prefer. 

Let me know what gemstones you would like on the bar, up to 9 stones.  These are the stones I have in stock:  Garnet, red tone or pink tone for January; amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, quartz or moonstone for April; emerald green for May; moonstone or pearl for June;  ruby corundum for July; peridot for August; sapphire or iolite for September; pink tourmaline for October; citrine for November; apatite, turquoise or tanzanite for December.   Other gemstones available labradorite and metallic pyrite.   The most popular bar necklace that I sell at my shows is moonstone, it is a fabulous stone and it goes with everything!  The stones in the picture are moonstone (June), citrine (Nov) and apatite (Dec).