Who is Kiikers?

My name is Laura and I am the person behind Kiikers.  In addition to being self-taught in many aspects of jewelry making, I have been blessed to have taken classes from some of the best in the business - Sharilyn Miller, Connie Fox, Eva Sherman, Kim St. Jean, Joe Silvera, Tracy Stanley, Janice Berkebile and Susan Lenart Kazmer  - these teachers have taught me how to rivet, fuse, solder, enamel, wrap and shape wire of all gauges, chase, repousse, forge, emboss, texture, and hand-stamp metal.  

I have since merged my passion for metal work with my love of crystals and their healing and strengthening properties.  It is a match made in heaven!  My philosophy on pricing is simple - I have spent the past few years honing my relationships with some of the best gemstone suppliers in the world and have sourced my raw materials after many many hours of research so that I can keep my costs low and my quality extremely high.  I would rather sell three items at a reasonable price than one item at a premium, which makes everyone happy.

Who is the real Kiikers?  Kiikers, pronounced Keeee-Kers is a large warm and furry grey cat plucked away from a colony of Feral cats in 2005 when he was two months old.  His name is a play off of my daughter's nickname - Kiki.  Little did we know what a driven cat he was to become, creating his own jewelry line.  It does get a little annoying when he disappears off to prowl the streets of Los Angeles or a gemshow and spends gobs and gobs of money.  He is pretty much fully tamed other than being extremely shy when we have guests.  I was very proud of him when he made an appearance at my 1st home show in 10+ women milling around, he actually came out and laid right by the table where all his jewelry was!